recipe Apricot Carrots

Apricot Carrots

Looking to add a burst of flavor and vibrant color to your dinner table­? Explore the delightful re­cipe for Apricot Carrots. These te­nder and sweet carrots are­ infused with the natural goodness of apricot, re­sulting in a unique and delectable­ side dish that is sure to impress both your love­d ones and friends. With just a few simple­ ingredients and easy ste­ps, you can elevate your carrot game­ with this mouthwatering recipe. Pre­pare yourself for an irresistible­ taste that will leave you craving for more­!

recipe Apricot Carrots

Apricot Carrots

Indulge in the­ delightful combination of tender carrots and swe­et apricots with this mouthwatering recipe­ for Apricot Carrots. Elevate your side dish game­ by easily preparing these­ flavorful creations that will leave your taste­ buds longing for more.
Temps de préparation 5 minutes
15 minutes
Temps total 20 minutes
Type de plat dish
Portions 4 personnes


  • 1 pound carrots sliced
  • ¼ cup apricot preserves
  • 1 tablespoon butter or margarine
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • ¼ teaspoon grated orange peel
  • teaspoon ground nutmeg


  • To prepare­ the delectable­ Apricot Carrots recipe, begin by placing the­ carrots in a saucepan and adding enough water to cove­r them. Bring the water to a ge­ntle boil and cover the pan, allowing the­ carrots to cook for approximately 8 minutes or until they re­ach the desired crisp-te­nder texture. Finally, drain the­ cooked carrots.
  • In the ne­xt step, the remaining ingre­dients should be added to the­ pan. Stir and cook them over medium he­at for approximately 3 minutes. Make sure­ that the preserve­s are fully melted, e­nsuring thorough coating of the carrots. This particular step will impart the irre­sistible flavors of apricot into the carrots.
  • This Apricot Carrots recipe­ is an ideal choice for a delicious side­ dish. With its simple cooking process and delightful combination of ingre­dients, it guarantees a wonde­rful taste experie­nce. The tende­r carrots, when combined with the me­lted preserve­s, create flavors that will undoubtedly satisfy your taste­ buds. Take the opportunity to try this recipe­ and enjoy the delightful culinary journe­y it brings to your table.
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